never stop drawing rude foxes, nope never, why draw anything else

on shirts and stickers and totes and things on [redbubble] and [society6]

a few more rude foxes because I literally can’t help myself

buy them on stuff on [redbubble] and [society6]




Do you like smut and fun?  

Are you going to DragonCon? 

Then do I have the panel for you. This panel is an opportunity to celebrate the fun, fantasy, and freedom that fanfiction allows us! 

'I'll be in my bunk' -> DragonCon's own dirty fanfiction panel

FRIDAY, AUGUST 29 @ 11:30PM Room to be announced soon.

18+ ONLY

- Fandom Feud - Fanfiction Madlibs - Bullshit I wasted so much time and money on oh please oh please come

- Slash Sheriff? Fan artists? 

- Nonsense


- Please bring you happy face. Let’s strive to be a positive panel! 

HEY GUYS, I’m going to helping out on this panel and it’s going to be wicked fun, so you should all come if you’re able. Seriously, I spent a glorious pizza-fueled evening discussing the panel with vilepanda, and it’s promises to be a big party full of smutty fandom fun.

I’m also donating some of my art as prizes! But I’m also going to try and bring some extras to sell at the panel, so everyone should be able to walk away happy. Please note, this will be the only time I’m selling at Dragon Con though, as I’m not in Artist Alley.

I hope to see some of you guys there! We can high five and talk about fictional characters and how they’re ruining our lives.

aggressively draws more Sailor Moon fanart

woah, this is from way back in July and I’m just getting around to posting it now

Anonymous asked:
"Do you possibly by any chance have a ball-park figure for when those little zipper bags are available to buy? x"

I FINALLY DO, ANON! I’ve gotten a message or two about this, and I’m sorry I’ve ignored you for a bit. I’m actually placing an order right now, which means I should have them in about three to five weeks, depending on shipping. I don’t have any cons left this year, so they’ll be available to purchase online. I’m working on getting a proper store up for them, but that should all be ready by the time they get here, so I’m guessing they should be up by the end of September!

There’ll be a few of the foxes from the last order, as well as a new fox or two, and maybe some new designs entirely!  !! v !!

  • person: so where did you learn html?
  • me: not.... neopets...

Your choices have consequences. This is what happens to the world if you continue to say “no” to Michael.

WELP, this is it guys, nice knowing you