I wanted to do something for their anniversary today, but nothing was cooperating so here’s some messy thing.


Finally a BIG update is coming! We’ve had a lot of new stuff in the works, and we are finally ready to start accepting pre-orders!

Pre-orders will open THIS FRIDAY September 19th @ 6pm EDT (UTC-4). Please use this website to convert the restock time to your local time (enter 6pm, EDT on the right side of the page ^^) Pre-Order items will be made to order and will ship 3 weeks from date of purchase.

We will have the following NEW items available for Pre-Order:

Sailor Uranus Space Sword $25

Sailor Neptune Deep Aqua Mirror $25

Sailor Starlights Star Yell $32 These will be available in white and a limited quantity in blue. 

Sailor Saturn’s Silence Glaive $20

Holy Moon Chalice (v2)  $28 I decided to make a necklace that is just the top of the Holy Moon Chalice. It’s smaller, easier to wear and just as sparkly!

Sailor Saturn Bow Necklace $25 This necklace is 3d printed from a deep bluish-purple plastic with a hint of sparkles.

Lip Rods, Manga Brooches and most other items will be available for pre-order as well! ♥ We are also bringing the Sterling Silver Garnet Orbs back for pre-order.

I hope to have the hair clips available for order again within 2-3 weeks when I receive more of the metal hair clip pieces. Sorry for the delay >_< 

I will accept any of these as a marriage proposal. Please don’t tell my waifu.

nerdtabulous asked:
"Hello! I love your rude foxes and was wonder if you had considered making phone cases with them?"

YEP! I’ve probably had a dozen or so requests from lovely people asking for cases, but I’m a terribly lazy sad sack and have put it off for way too long. But this week, this week, I am going to really get that done already. Thank you for all the patient nudges. image

I’ve spent a lot of this weekend working on setting up my storenvy and getting all my goodies together to sell and ship. So this is me making an official post about it being open soon so I don’t lose momentum and forget about it for another month. 

I did get the zipper bags in - they look great - so those’ll be up, along with the charms I have left over from cons this summer. I’m going to have some prints up as well, but only 4x6s because I really don’t want to deal with the cost and hassle of shipping larger prints. Maybe some buttons and some old as dirt mini comic sketchbooks too, idk what anyone will even buy. xD

never stop drawing rude foxes, nope never, why draw anything else

on shirts and stickers and totes and things on [redbubble] and [society6]

a few more rude foxes because I literally can’t help myself

buy them on stuff on [redbubble] and [society6]




Do you like smut and fun?  

Are you going to DragonCon? 

Then do I have the panel for you. This panel is an opportunity to celebrate the fun, fantasy, and freedom that fanfiction allows us! 

'I'll be in my bunk' -> DragonCon's own dirty fanfiction panel

FRIDAY, AUGUST 29 @ 11:30PM Room to be announced soon.

18+ ONLY

- Fandom Feud - Fanfiction Madlibs - Bullshit I wasted so much time and money on oh please oh please come

- Slash Sheriff? Fan artists? 

- Nonsense


- Please bring you happy face. Let’s strive to be a positive panel! 

HEY GUYS, I’m going to helping out on this panel and it’s going to be wicked fun, so you should all come if you’re able. Seriously, I spent a glorious pizza-fueled evening discussing the panel with vilepanda, and it’s promises to be a big party full of smutty fandom fun.

I’m also donating some of my art as prizes! But I’m also going to try and bring some extras to sell at the panel, so everyone should be able to walk away happy. Please note, this will be the only time I’m selling at Dragon Con though, as I’m not in Artist Alley.

I hope to see some of you guys there! We can high five and talk about fictional characters and how they’re ruining our lives.